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Welcome to Gold Coast Ostomy Association

From humble beginnings in the mid eighties, the Gold Coast Ostomy Association has matured and grown and now services the stoma needs of over a thousand members on the Greater Gold Coast, southern border districts and far northern NSW locations. It is financially independent and well managed by a dedicated mix of paid workers and volunteers under the auspices of a member elected committee.The Association is a mutual self help, non-profit, non government organisation.

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S. Zahalka, Gold Coast AU

“When emergencies happen unexpectedly and you are left with a medical condition that will affect you the rest of your life, you really do need support. I was that scared, new ostomate in the rooms in Arundel, not knowing what to order, what to do or who to talk to. The staff and members at the Gold Coast Ostomy Association were very helpful and understanding.

Not only did they help with my orders and the technical side of things, they also made me feel very welcome and gave me incredible support. They are really friendly and knowledgeable and really take the time to make sure you are okay. Their level of understanding and patience it unsurpassed and for that I am very grateful for them all. Everyone in the back and the volunteers out front. Thank you for helping me through which should have been a tough time. You really made it easier for me.”

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Association membership and all of it’s benefits is open to those who have undergone ostomy surgery and have a stoma.

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May 2, 2022


Gold Coast Ostomy Association membership renewal is due on June 30th, 2024 and to be paid no later than August 30th, 2024. Please note fees for 2024/2025 are as follows: Full member $75… […]